It’s Raining Pelicans at IBRRC

To date, International Bird Rescue Research Center has admitted a staggering 310 California Brown Pelicans since January 1st, and they just keep coming. Our Los Angeles center has around 140 pelicans currently in care while our San Francisco Bay center has around 65. Thanks to our amazing volunteers we are managing to keep our heads above water, although the high numbers of birds are resulting in long hours, which always take their toll on everyone.

It has most definitely been raining pelicans. Let’s hope for a break in the clouds soon.


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  1. Hi guys, I'm Cyndi who called earlier today and left a message about an injured pelican found at my work. Here's the blog post I just entered in relation to this: – I've linked your site and hopefully some of my readers will donate to you guys. You all rock in my book for taking in "Grant" (that's what my co-worker named him) today even though you guys are overwhelmed. Thanks!


    I really like to follow the Pelicans, now I may need the blogs more thans ever. If you have a chance look at the photo I have where there are hundreds of pelicans in Monterey Harbor, this too me was a red flag that they would have food problems later.
    Our memories are short they were dying in 2008, and then taken off the endangered list in 2009. It really is a delicate balance act to live out there.
    point lobos girl

  3. Hi there: Just heard about the pelican situation. Wondered if you could use an extra pair of hands. I realize that you require training for volunteers, but if you need help right now… I participated years ago in bird cleanup after the Huntington Beach spill, with Jay and Curt. So if I could be of help, please let me know. I'm currently unemployed so I have some time I can spare.


  4. Thanks for all the offers of help. So far we seem to have enough folks pitching in for the pelicans.

    A donation is always helpful and you also attend the next volunteer orientation in February (or in March) at the San Pedro bird center.

    Classes are scheduled the second Saturday of each month. You can sign-up here:

    Thanks again for all your words of support!

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