Letter from South Africa: “The Jay Holcomb Wash ‘n Rinse Bay”

Jay Halcomb_Plaque

How sweet is this?

Our friends at the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) recently dedicated their wash and rinse station for oiled birds to our fearless leader, Jay Holcomb. Here’s their letter on Jay’s lifetime of efforts to save oiled wildlife:


Dear Jay,

In honour of your legendary contribution towards saving seabirds, we would like to bestow the title of SANCCOB PATRON on you.

Your connection to South African seabirds goes back to the early days of 1994, when you were stuck washing fish buckets in the early days! In your very special way, your influence changed the way in which we in South Africa approach spills and deal with oiled seabirds.

Thank you, Jay, for the generosity with which you have shared lessons with SANCCOB over the years, for your continued support of our team, and for your dedication to seabirds, who in the end, are the recipients of your kindness, your passion and your knowledge.

SANCCOB is proud to acknowledge your contribution and to erect a plaque in your honour, so that from now on when our team is washing and rinsing oiled birds you will be watching over them.

The Jay Holcomb Wash and Rinse Bay
In honour of Jay Holcomb
A legend amongst Oiled Wildlife Responders

For your dedication and your passion to save seabirds

With sincere appreciation for a job well done!
Signed on behalf of the SANCCOB team,

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