Oiled Pelicans still fighting for survival in Gulf

The the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has a nicely done video report (above) capturing the sights and sounds of the capture of oiled Brown Pelicans and oil-cleaning process at the Fort Jackson Bird Rehabilitation Center in Buras, Louisiana.

The iconic brown pelican have been swamped by oil from the BP well blow out in the Gulf of Mexico that started on April 20, 2010. So far, nearly 50,000 square miles of the fragile Gulf waters have been stained by the largest oil disaster in United States history.

As of June 29th, officially more than 2,000 birds have been affected by the spill. 858 have been captured alive. Many of the birds have been pelicans, but also Gannets, Gulls, Herons, Dunlins and other shorebirds.

At least 250 cleaned birds have been released to coastal areas in Florida, Texas and now Georgia.

More info on NRDC’s website: OnEarth: Gulf Coast Pelicans Fight for Survival

6 thoughts on “Oiled Pelicans still fighting for survival in Gulf”

  1. You folks are doing a very good job and a hard job. Keep up the good work you all do. Wish I was closer so I can help out. I got two spare hands. The only thing I can do is to get the word out about you folks. What a sad job it is too but when you see even one pelican or Turtle go clean free it is all worth it.

  2. Thank you, thank you. Yours is such hard work but so many creatures will live beyond this disaster because of your dedication and fine efforts. You are all in my thoughts. I do see blue waters on a far,far horizon with pelicans thriving once more.

  3. Good afternoon. I'm a french girl, and I'm touched by what happens to these poor birds, and what you do every day. I would like to know if it is possible for me to go to help you?
    Thank you and good work!

  4. So glad you are helping these poor things.

    Hoping for many successful rescues and some changes in laws so this never happens again.

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