On the mend: First Gulf oiled bird floating clean

The first oiled bird brought in for treatment at the Gulf Oil Spill, is now recuperating in stable condition. The Gannet spends its time in the pool improving its water-proofing at the Fort Jackson, Louisiana wildlife rescue center.

The juvenile northern gannet was found early in the spill by one of the clean-up boats.

“It actually swam up to the boat so was really very lucky to survive,” said Jay Holcomb, International Bird Rescue’s executive director.

IBRRC continues to help Tri-State Bird Rescue gear up for more oiled birds. There are now three new wildlife rescue centers in the gulf states: One each in Louisiana, Theodore, Alabama and the newest is in Pensacola, Florida.

4 thoughts on “On the mend: First Gulf oiled bird floating clean”

  1. I live in Orlando, FL and was wondering if there are any local spots here accepting donations of supplies for this effort. I would like to donate some Dawn, towels, etc but I dont know where to take them.

  2. Thanks for the offer to donate items. We've got plenty of donated Dawn coming from Procter & Gamble. Donating towels are great idea and old sheets, too.

    We're helping set up a rescue center in Pensacola, but since that's 400 miles away, you may check with local wildlife group to see if they can offer some help in coordination. We're just getting going in Florida as we speak.

  3. I live in Orlando, Florida too and I was wondering if there is any otehr ways I can help?

  4. I live in West Palm Beach. I am experienced at handling birds and would like to get the training for washing the oil off the birds so that when it hits florida I am ready to help. Do you know anywhere in Floride where they are giving the training. I can travel further if necessary. Thanks. EZ

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