Patient of the Week: Horned Puffin

This week, International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center in Fairfield is caring for 137 birds at latest count, including this Horned Puffin. Rehabilitation technician Isabel Luevano reports the bird was transported nearly 200 miles to our center from County, where it was found emaciated with a foot injury. We’ll keep you updated on its condition via this blog (photos by Isabel Luevano).

It’s uncommon for the center to receive a puffin, though in the Ft. Bragg area puffin sightings are by no means unheard of. A quick Google search of the matter found sighting info on Horned Puffins as well as Laysan Albatrosses and other amazing birds near Ft. Bragg via Debi Shearwater’s Shearwater Journeys.

Here’s the current breakdown of birds in care at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center, courtesy volunteer coordinator Cheryl Reynolds:

27 Western Gull chicks
19 Mallard ducklings
17 Snowy Egrets (juveniles)
12 Green Herons (juveniles)
11 Cattle Egrets (juveniles)
10 Black-crowned Night Herons (juveniles)
6 Wood ducklings
6 Brown Pelicans
5 Mallard Ducks
4 Hybrid ducklings
4 Great Egrets (juveniles)
3 Canada Geese
2 Western Gulls
2 Pied-billed Grebes (juveniles)
2 Killdeer (juveniles)
2 Hybrid Ducks
1 Pelagic Cormorant
1 Northern Fulmar
1 Horned Puffin
1 Brandt’s Cormorant
1 American Coot