Pelican with Repaired Pouch Tear Returns to the Wild

Watch then video of treatment and release

After a month in care that included a 4-hour procedure to repair its torn pouch, a healed Brown Pelican was released this week and is back at home in the wild. The adult female pelican was banded with Y54, a special blue-band that helps International Bird Rescue track these majestic seabirds.

In late August the pelican was rescued in Ventura, CA in dismal condition with a massive pouch tear. Thanks to the efforts of rescuers and the team at Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network (SBWCN), the pelican was rescued, stabilized, and transported to Bird Rescue where it underwent a life-saving surgery. Without human intervention, this beautiful seabird would surely have starved.

During the intense 4-hour procedure, led by our Veterinarian, Dr. Rebecca Duerr, with assistance by Dr. Avery Berkowitz from SBWCN, the team was successful in suturing the pouch and rebuilding the left side, back of the bird’s mouth. The patient was soon awake, eating, and ready to continue her recovery at our Los Angeles wildlife center.

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