Red-tailed Hawk wash

Diana Pereira (left) and Julie Skoglund prepare to wash an oiled Red-tailed Hawk, photos by Dave Weeshoff


Last week, our Los Angeles center team washed an oiled Red-tailed Hawk, which was lightly sedated to minimize stress on the animal during the procedure. A photo of this wash posted to our Facebook page has become one of the most popular posts thus far this fall. Below are some additional photos of the process by Dave Weeshoff.

While we normally deal with oiled/contaminated aquatic birds, our team is equipped to handle many other species as well. For example, nearly a year ago our Los Angeles center washed this Sharp-shinned Hawk that had been contaminated with glue trap material.

Thank you to our friends at Dawn Saves Wildlife for their generous support of International Bird Rescue and oiled wildlife around the world. This hawk has since been transferred to a partner wildlife organization for further rehabilitation.





RTHA-Julie Skoglund
The hawk post-wash, photo by Julie Skoglund

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