The Pelican Aviary Project — We’ve met our target! What’s next?

Our heartfelt thanks to the more than 150 donors who have supported our Pelican Aviary Project on Indiegogo. Today, we met our target goal of $15,000.

Here, the San Francisco Bay center team gives us a video update on why this project is so needed. Special thanks to Cheryl Reynolds, Suzie Kosina, Martha Grimson and Kat Schecter for filming this video in the aviary.

What’s next, you might ask?

We’ll be in touch in the near future to give you the very latest on our renovations of the pelican aviary that you have helped to build. And you can always follow allfillthebill2news and views from International Bird Rescue at

Our Indiegogo fundraiser met its goal only halfway into the 45-day campaign. Technically, there are three weeks still left in this fundraiser. And in fact, many highly successful Indiegogo campaigns continue to raise funds.

For the remainder of the time that International Bird Rescue is featured on Indiegogo, we’re going to graduate to a “Fill the Bill” campaign to raise money for the astronomical fish bills we receive when the center is full of pelicans. The average pelican eats about $10 in fish per day as it recovers at our center.

If you’ve already donated, you’ve done your job, so take a bow! But if you haven’t yet gotten the chance to do so, or if you’d like to pass this campaign on to other bird lovers, we of course welcome your support. Every single donation from here on out will help us feed those ravenous pelicans that are sure to fill our centers this summer.

Best of all, we still have plenty of premium gifts to give out for Fill the Bill donations.

With deepest gratitude,

Team International Bird Rescue

PS-For those who chose thank-you gifts with their donations, we’re sending those out full steam! Keep an eye on your mailbox.

Pelican watercolor by David Scheirer