It’s Tough to be a Gull!


A Gull coated in mechanical lubricant awaits rehabilitation at International Bird Rescue.

From hospital supplies and hearty meals to antibiotics and anesthesia, your generosity prepares us to care for every bird that arrives at our Centers.

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Dear Friends,

International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center recently admitted a Western Gull that had survived three life-threatening encounters with mankind! Covered in what looked and smelled like mechanical lubricant, he was captured near San Francisco International Airport. During his intake evaluation, Center staff found fishing hook wounds in the corners of his mouth. X-rays taken to ensure that he had not in fact swallowed the hook revealed that he had been previously shot with a BB. This one bird had been – on three different occasions – oiled, hooked, and even shot.

Each day International Bird Rescue offers life-saving care to birds with stories like his, and we need your help!

While the Gull’s BB wound was surely intentionally inflicted, its fishing hook injury and exposure to life-threatening lubricant were likely the result of human carelessness – and these are just some of the many threats birds face while living in close proximity to people.

Your gift to International Bird Rescue will directly impact our ability to heal the wounds of human interference by offering each avian patient the expert care it deserves.

This Gull has survived the intensive wash it required to remove the lubricant, and is rehabilitating in our Pelican Aviary, but he is just one of dozens of birds with human-caused injuries in our care right now. International Bird Rescue hopes that you will join us in saving lives by supporting the medical and rehabilitation expenses for each of these magnificent, yet fragile, creatures.

Each successful recovery that we can give to a seabird like this is a victory for the future of human-wildlife relations. Every bird matters, and so does every donation.

With heartfelt thanks,

Paul Kelway
Executive Director
International Bird Rescue

Now clean, this tough Gull is recovering well at our San Francisco Bay Center.