Up for a Wash: Oiled Mourning Dove nestlings

Dove1-Kylie Clatterbuck
Photos by Kylie Clatterbuck

Last Friday, International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center received two nestling Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) from a worker at a local gas company. Their nest had been sprayed with a small amount of oil, and unfortunately they were contaminated. Center manager Julie Skoglund (pictured below) and staff veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Duerr washed the duo on Saturday, and after the successful procedure, they were sent to California Wildlife Center in Calabasas to continue their rehabilitation. Staff rehab technician Kylie Clatterbuck took these images of the nestlings during their care.

Both our centers are seeing influxes in baby birds. For instance, at our San Francisco Bay center, staff have received 260 Mallard ducklings and 20 Canada goslings since April 20. We expect a busy year!

Dove6-Kylie Clatterbuck

Dove2-Kylie Clatterbuck

Dove4-Kylie Clatterbuck

Dove3-Kylie Clatterbuck

Dove8-Kylie Clatterbuck