Update on orphaned egrets and herons!

SNEG5-Bill Steinkamp
Photo by Bill Steinkamp

Last week, we brought you the story of a rookery tree at the Port of Los Angeles that had blown over in high winds. The L.A. Harbor Department’s tree division imagesappeared on the scene quickly and helped us to save 15 baby birds that had fallen from their nests: 12 Black-crowned Night Herons and three Snowy Egrets.

Volunteer photographer Bill Steinkamp and staff rehabilitation technician Kylie Clatterbuck took photos and video of these birds now in our care (see below).

We’re also pleased to report that the Port of Los Angeles has given a $1,000 gift to care for these baby birds! We sincerely appreciate their multi-level support, from rescue to donation. Thank you!

How can you help? Each year, both our wildlife care centers in California receive hundreds (even thousands) of orphaned baby birds, from ducklings to goslings and baby egrets like the ones in this video. A gift of just $10 a month helps us to provide the warmth, food and expert medical care these animals need before they are released into the wild. Find out how you can become an International Bird Rescue supporter here.