Update on tern and chick found hooked together

Tern 596_597d-L
ELTETerns upon intake, photo by Kelly Berry

A number of loyal readers have asked us for an update on the Elegant Tern found hooked by fishing lure to one of the bird’s chicks. (Read more on this case at Care2.com and the Daily Breeze.)

Both birds continue to be in the care of our Los Angeles center team after a local biologist found them struggling on Terminal Island. They are recuperating together in a large enclosure.

The adult tern’s multiple wing injuries are healing well, and the bird is no longer in need of a wing wrap (we continue to administer antibiotics).

The baby’s wounds were more severe, with triple hooks embedded in the chick’s leg and wing. The bird may have suffered nerve damage to its leg, Dr. Rebecca Duerr reports, and the prognosis remains guarded.

Thank you all for your concern. We are giving these birds the best care possible — which is what they deserve!

Photo by Dr. Rebecca Duerr

3 thoughts on “Update on tern and chick found hooked together”

  1. Thank you for caring for the Mama & Baby Elegant Terns. I am so glad there is progress. Please keep the updates coming. I am sending warm thoughts and prayers to all of you.

  2. I am forever grateful for our human angels for they are even in the most unexpected places, often risking injury or worse to themselves to save our imperiled creatures. To you I extend humble thanks for caring so much you refuse to turn the other way when our magnificent wild need your most!

  3. Any update on these two? I keep looking but there hasn’t been anything new posted since the 9th. Thanks..

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