Tree Trimming in Yuba County Puts Baby Birds in Grave Danger

Three of the young Snowy Egrets in care after being rescued in Yuba County.

International Bird Rescue is caring for 18 herons and egret chicks rescued from a tree cutting event in Yuba County.

A property owner’s tree trimming had nesting herons and egrets spilling onto the ground. Photo courtesy – Sacramento Heron and Egret Rescue

A neighbor alerted Sacramento Heron & Egret Rescue (SHER) and the group rescued about 20 young birds earlier this month. The birds were stabilized at a local vet clinic and SHER then transferred them to our San Francisco Bay-Delta Wildlife Center for specialized rehabilitation.

This is a sad reminder that trimming trees in the spring and early summer can put baby birds in grave danger. You can help protect nesting birds by waiting to trim trees until the fall and winter. If you’d like to support the care of these patients, please consider making a donation here or through our website: