11 Pelicans Found With Intentionally Broken Wings in Southern California

What is it that causes so much anger against Brown Pelicans?

This week 11 young pelicans were found with their wings intentionally broken along an Orange County beach in Southern California. Only one pelican has survived. There’s now a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

Local wildlife officials say the attacks appear to be intentional. Lisa Birkle, assistant wildlife director at the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center, said the injuries were consistent: “Someone is snapping the wings backward.” She said local residents noticed fishing boats close to shore where pelicans also feed.

Pelicans have been a target of cruel and unusual acts. Each year IBRRC bird center wildlife clinics treat pelicans with slashed pouches and other injuries that appear to be intentional. In 2003, IBRRC received mutilated pelicans that showed up at Cabrillo Beach near San Pedro.

The California Brown Pelican is still protected by the Endangered Species Act. Anyone with information relating to these incidents is encouraged to contact Special Agent Ed Newcomer of U.S. Fish and Wildlife at (310) 328-1516.

If you can make a donation to help all pelicans that come into the rescue center, go to the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center’s website. To add to the reward money, please call IBRRC at (310) 514-2573.

See the Los Angeles Times article:

11 pelicans found with wings broken at Bolsa Chica beach

2 thoughts on “11 Pelicans Found With Intentionally Broken Wings in Southern California”

  1. I am horrified and saddened by this terrible news. I am glad that the surviving pelican has IBRRC. I can only hope that those who have committed these crimes are caught.

  2. I can’t understand why anyone would want to harm these gentle creatures. I hope they find the miscreants and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

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