5 Reasons to Become a Pelican Partner from Mark Rovner, CEO, Sea Change Strategies

Summer 2012 has been a season of long hours and hard work at International Bird Rescue, which has treated hundreds of injured or starving young California Brown Pelicans and given them a second chance in the wild.

More than ever, we depend on all of our supporters to make a difference for these animals. Your donation helps us feed and care for thousands of injured wild birds 365 days a year.

Mark Rovner, founder and CEO of Sea Change Strategies (and pictured here, underwater, in Little Cayman), recently shared with us why he decided to become a Pelican Partner:

1. “Because watching a rescued pelican take flight to rejoin the wild brings tears to your eyes.”


2. “Because International Bird Rescue is always there 24/7, and the work they do is amazing.”


3. “Because thousands of injured and oiled birds turn up at International Bird Rescue’s doorstep each year. And they accept each and every one.”


4. “Because the tireless staff pours their heart and soul into their work. They are true heroes and deserve my support.”


5. “Because every bird matters, and being a Pelican Partner lets me put my money where my mouth is.”


Join Mark and donate today. And learn more about Pelican Partner perks here.