The Release Files: 42 Birds Take Flight in 48 Hours

It’s been an extremely busy summer for both International Bird Rescue’s wildlife care centers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. But while Brown Pelicans have recently taken up most of the spotlight (as well as the fish), we continue to care for all types of aquatic birds — seabirds, shorebirds, waterfowl, you name it.

This weekend, our L.A. center released 42 rehabilitated birds. Wildlife Center Manager Julie Skoglund reports the following species released within a 48-hour timespan:

—3 Green Herons (two of which take flight in above photo)

—6 Brandt’s Cormorants (shown below)

—12 Western Gulls

—1 Black-crowned Night Heron

—And … 20 Brown Pelicans