Video: In Avila Beach, Pelican Paradise (with Whale Cameo)

Sometimes you just have to be in the right place, at the right time.

Vincent Shay, co-owner of SLO Coast Kayaks in Avila Beach, Calif., recently shot video of this remarkable scene: a Humpback Whale surrounded by hundreds of California Brown Pelicans.

Shay recently wrote us to give the backstory:

“As the owners of SLO Coast Kayaks, [fellow co-owner] Emily and I were asked to give an interview for the local KSBY TV station about the whale activity going on in the Harbor. As we were setting up for the interview, I noticed that many kayakers, boaters and some of our rentals were actually pursuing the whale, getting a bit too close. I let the interviewer know that I didn’t feel comfortable about how close these people were getting (we do have the Marine Mammal Protection Act!) so I paddled out and informed all that if we just sat in one place, the whale would probably come to us.  And it happened. We did not pursue or cut off the whale and me and the other guy had a great show! A great day that I will never forget!”

See the extended video at Global Maritimes.

1 thought on “Video: In Avila Beach, Pelican Paradise (with Whale Cameo)”

  1. thank you for going out there and telling the others to not pursue the whale(s) I’ve noticed over the last few days that some kayakers ( and small boats) were getting more and more aggressive with the whales-today some where actually chasing the whale.
    So once again -thank you!

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