An online “aviary-raising” for pelicans. Join us and build it!

Dear friend,

We’re beyond excited to launch our first-ever online crowdfunding campaign—and for a very worthy project!

We’ve recently teamed up with San Francisco-based crowdfunding site Indiegogo to spread the word about an “old-fashioned aviary raising.”

What’s that, you might ask? Here’s the story: Several years ago, we built a large aviary for rehabilitating injured species such as Brown Pelicans at our San Francisco Bay Area wildlife care center.

The enclosure was constructed to the highest standards possible with the funding we had at the time. But with the ever-increasing number of sick and injured pelicans coming to us from across California, we need to do some major renovations, and fast!

So far, we’ve secured state and local government grants to help us cover some of the costs of these renovations, which total more than $41,000. This generosity comprises more than $16,000 from the Solano County Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund and an additional grant of $10,000 from the Oiled Wildlife Care Network.

To reach our goal, we’re asking you to help us raise the final $15,000 for the project.

How you can help

Visit our awesome campaign at Indiegogo to find out more about this project, as well as the amazing perks we’re offering, including limited-edition jewelry, seabird watercolor prints, International Bird Rescue merchandise, VIP tours and — drum roll — a chance to have your name engraved on a Pelican Patron plaque at the entrance of this new-and-improved aviary.

So check out the campaign, watch the video and share it with other bird lovers in your life!

Sending you pelican love, hope and joy,

Team International Bird Rescue