Another first of the season: orphaned Black-crowned Night Heron

Baby bird season at our centers means more than just orphaned mallard ducklings. For example: Here’s the first baby Black-crowned Night Heron now in care at International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center. Each year, we care for more than 400 young herons and egrets.

BCNH1-Kylie-ClatterbuckPhoto by Kylie Clatterbuck

This orphaned baby came from a colony in Long Beach and had fallen from its nest. The bird is doing great in care: It’s eating well (young Black-crowneds have a voracious appetite) and is taking calcium supplements to support bone growth, rehab technician Kylie Clatterbuck reports.


What would this bird look like as an adult? Here’s a photo of an adult Black-crowned Night Heron by recent Photographers in Focus honoree Jackie Wollner.

BCNH-Jackie Wollner