Patient of the Week: Brandt’s Cormorant

A Brandt’s Cormorant came to us last week after ingesting a fish hook and having two others lodged in its mouth. The two in its mouth were removed by our colleagues at Native Animal Rescue in Santa Cruz, but the hook that had been swallowed was a potential serious problem that may have needed surgery; … Read more

Patient of the Week: Western Snowy Plover

June 2, 2020 update: The pin was removed in another surgical procedure on May 20th and our veterinarian reports that his bones have healed very nicely and his elbow joint is also in good shape. The plover does have some wing extension problems stemming from the injury to his patagium (the skin that stretches across … Read more

Patients of the Week: Northern Fulmars

Every few years we receive quite a few of one of our favorite species all at once, namely Northern Fulmars (Fulmarus glacialis). These oceanic birds are small relatives of albatrosses, and are adored by many wildlife rehabilitators for their beautiful faces and intense musky smell that no two of us will describe the same. Since … Read more