Patient of the week: Common Loon

Photos by Bill Steinkamp Our patient of the week is this stunning Common Loon in breeding plumage, currently in care at our Los Angeles center. On April 7, the bird was found oiled and beached along Refugio Beach in Lompoc, CA and was immediately transferred to our wildlife partners in Santa Barbara. A day later, … Read more

Patient of the week: Canvasback

Photo by Isabel Luevano Remarkable healing is commonplace at our wildlife centers. Case in point: this male Canvasback at our San Francisco Bay center. He arrived with severe hock lesions, as well as a broken toe. For weeks, you may have seen this diving duck on our live BirdCam, wearing a waterproof “shoe” to protect … Read more

Patient of the week: Great Blue Heron

Amanda Lewis examining heron, photo by Kelly Berry Our patient of the week is this Great Blue Heron, found in Culver City, CA unable to fly. The bird was brought to us by our colleagues at California Wildlife Center. During intake, the heron was found to have extensive bruising around the keel area, and X-rays … Read more

Patient of the week: Great Horned Owl

Preparing a Great Horned Owl for a wash to remove contamination, photos by Jennifer Gummerman During 2013, we cared for a small number of owls, some brought to us contaminated by petroleum or other substances. Barn Owls, Western Screech Owls and a Great Horned Owl were all patients last year. Recently, our Los Angeles center … Read more

Patient of the week: Brown Pelican

Photos by Isabel Luevano Our San Francisco Bay center’s pelican aviary has been home to a solitary Brown Pelican for several months now. Cormorants, gulls and other birds have come and gone in this enclosure, but this bird’s healing is requiring more time and patience. Upon intake in 2013, we found this male pelican was suffering … Read more

Release! Common Loon

Release photos by Cheryl Patterson; inset photo by Kelly Berry One of our most recent patients of the week is this Common Loon, which we’re pleased to report is the Los Angeles center’s first loon release of 2014. The backstory: This loon was found in late December, having crash-landed on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, … Read more

Patient of the week: Ruddy Duck

Photo by Isabel Luevano Among the releases from our San Francisco Bay center this past week is a Ruddy Duck, one that spent several days in an outdoor pool featured on International Bird Rescue’s BirdCam Project. Ruddy Ducks are common patients at both our California centers. In L.A., we recently cared for two ruddies that … Read more