Entanglement: Heerman’s Gull v. Discarded Fishing Line

Monofilament fishing line pollution poses a problem to myriad aquatic species. For birds, the injuries that can result aren’t limited to swallowed hooks: Fishing line entanglement can severely impact a bird’s ability to fly and feed, and deeply embedded entanglement can mean amputation if the bird is lucky enough to be taken into care.

It’s a commonplace problem, and we’re always looking for anglers seeking to become a part of the solution.

Here, Adam Ribota and Julie Skoglund of International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Center capture a juvenile Heerman’s Gull thoroughly entangled in fishing line. The young bird was freed from the line and released soon afterward.

Other recent examples of fishing line entanglement (photos by Marie Travers):

Double-crested Cormorant caught in tree

Western Gull

Canada Goose

Fishermen seeking to make a real difference for wildlife can learn more about monofilament line recycling here.