Grebes in Need — How You Can Help!

Western Grebe photos by Isabel Luevano.

International Bird Rescue’s wildlife care centers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area have started to receive an influx of ill and injured grebes, such as these two Western Grebes above.

As we detailed on our blog earlier this month, many grebes have been adversely affected by storms on the Pacific Coast. Some may have “crash-landed” and are injured or otherwise were unable to return to water. These birds, many transported from other wildlife rehabilitators to our centers, require extensive expert care, with frequent IVs and tubings upon intake. Staff and volunteers work extremely hard to get these birds back to health and waterproofing so that they may be kept in water during their recovery.

We need your support to help return these remarkable birds back to the wild. How can you help?

Adopt-a-Grebe. Our honorary adoption program is a wonderful way to help a bird in need. And a $50 grebe adoption makes an excellent holiday gift for a bird lover in your life. It’s the ultimate in wildlife stocking stuffers! Learn more about the honorary adoption program here.

Volunteer. If you are already a trained volunteer for International Bird Rescue, please contact your volunteer coordinators and sign up for a shift. We appreciate the help during this busy time!

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Find out more about our volunteer program here.