In Los Angeles, another oiled hawk is rescued

Photo by Paul Berry

It seems we post about an oiled hawk every few weeks, and thus far 2014 is no exception. The rehab team at our Los Angeles RTHAcenter recently washed this Red-tailed Hawk, found at an area refinery covered in thick, black oil. Paul Berry took this fantastic photo from the wash procedure.

The hawk was transferred to South Bay Wildlife Rehab this past Thursday and fortunately did not suffer significant burns from the oil contamination, rehabilitation technician Kylie Clatterbuck reports.

While we normally care for aquatic birds, our team is equipped to handle many other species affected by contamination. Birds of prey we’ve cared for include Western Screech Owls and this Sharp-shinned Hawk that had been contaminated with glue trap material.

Check out more of our work to save oiled birds at Dawn Saves Wildlife.

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  1. Hi, I have a question I’m hoping you can answer. I live in Laurel Canyon, and the air has always been filled with the sound of hawks and the sight of falcons. Not this year. They have completely disappeared. As a consequence, the pigeon population has exploded and seems to be the dominant bird species. Any idea why hawks, falcons, and other birds of prey have completely vanished from Laurel Canyon?


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