Kulluk update: Drilling vessel refloated

Nearly a week after it ran aground on Alaska’s Sitkalidak Island, the Kulluk drilling vessel was refloated last night by a recovery crew, and as of latest reports is being towed by the Aiviq tug. Crew on another vessel using infrared equipment reported no signs of oil discharge.

The recovery team plans to tow the Kulluk to safe harbor at Kiliuda Bay, 30 miles away (watch the video below for planned tow route), according to updates from the incident’s Unified Command.

Three additional tugs are in the area on standby, as well as two oil spill response vessels.

International Bird Rescue’s oil spill response team has been a part of a team of more than 730 people and has prepared a comprehensive wildlife plan. Click here for more info on our historic response efforts around the world.