One beer can collared gull finally rescued!

This week rescuers captured a beer can collared gull in San Francisco. The WildRescue team caught the bird at Lake Merced out near the San Francisco Zoo and removed the aluminum beer can from the bird’s neck.

Experts believe that someone is maliciously catching gulls (seagulls) and collaring them with cut beer cans. Thanks to reports by members of the public and birders, sightings have come in from San Francisco (Pier 39 and another juvenile gull at Lake Merced), Half Moon Bay and various locations around the Bay Area.

The two organizations collaborating on this effort, International Bird Rescue (Fairfield) and WildRescue (Monterey), are seeking the public’s help is locating other birds. They ask that instead off attempting to capture the birds, which can make them more wary and harder to catch, sightings should be reported immediately by calling (831) 429-2323 or emailing

“This is a federal crime punishable by severe fines, imprisonment, or both,” says Rebecca Dmytryk, with WildRescue, one of the groups spearheading this effort. The US Fish & Wildlife Services, who administrate the Migratory Bird Treaty Act under which this act is punishable, has been alerted to these incidents.

Birds were first spotted by the public in August around San Francisco.

10 thoughts on “One beer can collared gull finally rescued!”

  1. Hurrah. Why anyone would do this is almost unimaginable, but many thanks to the organizations that freed the poor gull.

  2. Big thanks to International Bird Rescue and WildRescue!!

    Hopefully the people responsible for harming the birds are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

  3. Maybe put a tracking device on the rescued birds. They usually hang out in the same places, right? And then surveillance that area's stores for people who buy Budweiser.

  4. Why would anyone do this? It is because people have gotten crueler. Why would anyone hurt a baby or an adult. Society have become so cruel that they don't care who they hurt. I pray that someone sees this person or persons so they can do some time or at least some community service. They think because it is just a seagull it does not matter. Someone should but a beer can on their neck and see if they like it. This just hurts me to no end.

  5. Thank you so much for the rescue!! They should be prosecuted for this crime, or let us find them and put one around their neck!

  6. For many resaons, I blame TV shows like Funniest Videos and movies like Jack-Ass 3 for encouraging young male juveniles and those who havent grown up yet, to preform horrific acts of hatred towards wildlife and domestic animals, with the premise that it may seem funny to others. To the people who matter the most in this world, it just isnt funny. Whats even scarier is that we collar animals and force them to do things every day that aren't what life had intended, and we dont think a thing about it. Next time you are at the Horse Race, the Circus, or Sea World think of the collared sea gulls.

  7. Huge thanks to these rescuers!

    What a horrific story. Birds are such beautiful creatures. So many humans are such ugly creatures. I also hope the one(s) who are responsible are caught, convicted, and must pay for this awful act against nature. Luckily, though, I know that God will make them pay, ultimately.

  8. That bird is lucky to have lived. You saved it that is a great thing you did. It is so horrible that there are so many careless people out there that would do things like that and not care. Animals are so wonderful and i am so happy that you saved that bird. Great video

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