Our youngest Pelican Aviary Project patron…


The Pelican Aviary Project — our first-ever online crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which ends tomorrow — has been a success in more ways than one. To name a few:

—We reached our $15,000 target to help pay for major renovations to the pelican aviary at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay center.

—We’ve raised well over $1,000 for the “Fill the Bill” campaign to secure funding for fish and other necessities for pelicans treated at the center. Come summer, we could see hundreds of pelicans, if the trend of previous years continues.

—We’ve connected with wildlife lovers of all ages from 15 states and six countries!

Among our new pelican aviary pals is 5-year-old Kai Johnson of Reno, Nevada, who saved up $50 of his weekly allowance to help these magnificent animals.

Kai was introduced to the bird world through Richard Grise, one of our great Southern California volunteers who took this budding wildlife champion on a tour of the center. Upon hearing of the Pelican Aviary Project, he decided he wanted to save as much money as possible to give to the campaign.

His favorite bird? The Peregrine Falcon: Kai loves their speed and has seen many fly near Morro Rock.

Thanks, Kai, from all of us at International Bird Rescue!


Haven’t had a chance to donate yet? Join Kai — there’s still time! (And still plenty of great thank-you gifts!) Visit our Indiegogo page to find out more.


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