Another wake up call: Global warming and birds

If you’ve been on the fence regarding global warming, here’s a sobering Audubon California report that should move you to some sort of action. The study released Tuesday finds that California will lose significant numbers of its native birds as the continuing shifts in climate change quickly shrinks the range and habitat of more than … Read more

Testimony: Bird species continue to plummet

In a not so surprising story, the habitat for birds continues to dwindle as man encroaches more on the natural environment. According to recent testimony to U.S. Congress by scientists, government officials and conservation groups, 20 common bird species have lost 68 percent of their populations in the past 40 years. “A growing proportion of … Read more

A 100,000+ birds treated; 400 different species

In our proud 37 year history of working with oiled, sick and injured birds, IBRRC has treated more than 100,000 birds. This includes oil spills and general rehabilitation treatment. The list of birds, from Pelicans to Scoters to Terns, is grown each year and now includes over 400 different species. We just updated the species … Read more

The top ten of sadness: Oiled bird species list

Species most often found covered in oil(In order of impact)1. Surf scoter2. Western grebe3. Eared grebe4. Greater scaup5. Horned grebe6. Ruddy duck7. Common murre8. Common loon9. Lesser scaup10. Clark’s grebe Dead oiled birds(In order of impact)1. Surf scoter2. Western grebe3. Common murre4. Western or Clark’s grebe*5. Brandt’s cormorant6. Greater scaup7. Eared grebe8. Double-crested cormorant9. Northern … Read more