The DAWN-ing of oiled bird washing at IBRRC

In a video report, Jay Holcomb, IBRRC Director, reflects on how DAWN dish washing detergent became the number one tool for cleaning oil from wildlife.

How Dawn Has Helped

More than 30 years ago, the IBRRC was seeking a solution to clean oil from bird’s feathers. IBRRC discovered that Dawn dishwashing liquid was powerful enough to effectively remove oil from birds’ feathers, while remaining gentle on their feathers, skin and eyes. Since then, rescue groups worldwide have chosen Dawn to clean aquatic animals.

“Dawn has made a difference in helping us save countless birds and animals over the years,” said Jay Holcomb, IBRRC’s Executive Director. “But this effort is even bigger. This says we all can make a difference and every little bit helps.”

“Everyday Wildlife Champions” still going strong

So far more than $370,000 has been raised in the DAWN Everyday Wildlife Champions program to support two wildlife organizations in California.

For each bottle you purchase—and then activate it online using the bottle donation code—one dollar* is donated to our wildlife conservation partners. Fifty percent of each dollar is donated to the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) and fifty percent is donated to the Marine Mammal Center (MMC). Both organizations hold longstanding commitments to the preservation and improvement of animals and their natural habitats.Also, DAWN now has over 100,000 fans on it’s Facebook page and it just launched a new “Expedition” program:

More info: Dawn Saves Wildlife:

*Up to $500,000. Must activate donation online.