Theodore Cross and his pursuit Of ‘Waterbirds’

NPR had a very fine remembrance this week of Theodore Cross, bird lover, photographer and author of “Waterbirds” an exceptional photo book that is on our favorites list.

Cross died February 28, 2010 of heart failure, following a fall at his home in Sanibel, Fla.

Cross pursued many passions over his 86 years: He was a real estate lawyer, a publisher, a White House adviser and a leading spokesman for black economic development. He most known for his love of photographing waterbirds – something he didn’t discover until he was in his 40s.

“I was totally ignorant of birds, then — whammo — 20 years later they became a very important part of my life,” Cross said in the NPR interview. “Except for family and friends, there’s few things I care more about than these seabirds.”

His favorite bird was a Reddish Egret.

Read, see his photos and hear the story on National Public Radio.


1 thought on “Theodore Cross and his pursuit Of ‘Waterbirds’”

  1. Many thanks to Theodore Cross for his wonderful work..I send my sincere wishes that you and your family have lost someone so close to you..Be kind to yourself at this time..

    I too just started taking photos of birds just over 2 years ago; I am 65 now. What a thrill it is. I got chills just looking at Mr. Cross's book.

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