E-murre-gency Sparks Seabird Media Attention

August hasn’t been a great month for starving seabirds, but the good news is the media has been shining a light on this crisis. Television and print media has provided outstanding coverage to educate the public about Common Murre and Northern Fulmars affected by changes in ocean environments. Donate We suspect the surge in starving … Read more

Sudden Surge of Sick and Dying Brown Pelicans along the Coast of California

 June 13, 2018 update: 80 young Brown Pelicans have come into our two California wildlife centers. Concern for Brown Pelicans that live along the coast of Southern California has been mounting as the reported number of sick and dying birds suddenly increased over the past week. Some of these cases, such as the two … Read more

Update: Loon Crisis Along Southern California Coast

The month of April has not been kind to seabirds in Southern California. Hundreds of aquatic birds – especially Loons – have been found emaciated and sick along Ventura County beaches. You can help: Adopt a Loon More than 80 affected birds have come into care at our Los Angeles Wildlife Center since April 1st. … Read more

Pelicans hit hard by Southern California Storms, Coastal Runoff

Heavy rains and flooding take their toll on California Brown Pelicans as Seabird Specialists, International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC), prepare for more cold, wet wildlife casualties at their Los Angeles seabird rescue clinic. Hypothermic Pelicans warming by the dryer at International Bird Rescue Research Center in Los Angeles      A series of storms … Read more

New pelican report: Cold weather to blame?

A New York Times story about the pelican crisis is quoting a state wildlife veterinarian that says the birds were brutalized by Mother Nature’s cold fury. “Pelicans were observed in the middle of that storm and then seen moving south,” said David A. Jessup, senior wildlife veterinarian for the California Department of Fish and Game. … Read more