Patient of the Week: Black-crowned Night-Heron

One fishing hook can make dinner miserable for any bird. This month our veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Duerr performed surgery on a beautiful Black-crowned Night-Heron at our Los Angeles Wildlife Center. The heron had ingested a hook which became lodged in its stomach tissue. During surgery Dr. Duerr created a small incision and was able to … Read more

Patient in care: Surf Scoter

Who does not love a Surf Scoter? With its striking multi-colored bill and a male’s velvety black feathers. This bird is in care after getting entangled in fishing line. It had a hook in its his leg and another in his neck. He is recovering well.

Patients of the week: two Great Blue Herons, two human-caused injuries seen all too often

Photos by Cheryl Reynolds Great Blue Herons are among the most majestic of aquatic birds, with their S-curved necks in flight, graceful stature and lightning-quick reflexes as they hunt for prey at water’s edge. Though this species has been protected by federal law for nearly a century, our wildlife teams regularly care for herons injured … Read more

Brown Pelican with fishing gear injury

  Photos by Kylie Clatterbuck A common sight in our Los Angeles wildlife clinic: Here is the latest Brown Pelican to come to us with a fishing gear injury, this one affecting the bird’s left leg and foot. Fishing gear in the environment is one of several issues addressed in Judy Irving’s new documentary Pelican … Read more