American White Pelican Out of Trouble

Great news! The American White Pelican reported in our July 26 blog post successfully recovered from his two leg fractures and was released Aug 22 in McNabney Marsh in Martinez, CA. When the cage was opened, he calmly walked out and took his time walking over to the water. We watched an interesting display of … Read more

Patient of the Week: California Gull

This California Gull came to our Los Angeles center this week after being hit by a car in Carson, CA. The impact resulted in compound fractures (see x-ray) of both the radius and ulna in the left wing. Our veternarian, Dr. Rebecca Duerr DVM, pinned the bones back together and the patient is now in a … Read more

The Weekly Bittern #3: Counting Birds

Dear Friends of Bird Rescue– As I become more familiar with the work and challenges of Bird Rescue, I am aiming to give you more insider’s views of how things work at this amazing organization. The graphic above shows a snapshot of all the birds in our care in both the LA and SF Bay … Read more

We Give Thanks During Volunteer Appreciation Week

This is Volunteer Appreciation Week and it reminds us that we appreciate our wonderfully helpful volunteers EVERY day! Volunteers are a critical component of our 365 day a year bird care: They help feed our bird patients, keep clinics clean, run errands and perform some administrative duties. Many of our volunteers have supported our “Every … Read more

Updated: Brown Pelican gunshot victim has perished

Updated April 14, 2015:  Sadly, the Brown Pelican gunshot victim died this week. Nearly a month following the horrific shooting of a Brown Pelican found in Redondo Beach, International Bird Rescue is still caring for this critically injured seabird. After two major surgeries the bird is receiving supportive care due to an infected gunshot wound … Read more

Update: Mystery Goo Bird Numbers

Nearly two months after 323 mystery goo seabirds arrived, International Bird Rescue is still treating the last of the bird patients affected by this unusual contaminant. 19 seabirds, including, Surf Scoters, Buffleheads and Horned Grebes are still among those in care. A total of 154 cleaned, healthy birds have now been returned to the wild. … Read more

Saying thanks to some very helpful foundations

International Bird Rescue would like to thank the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and the Summerlee Foundation, Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Rescue Fund for their generous funding that helped to rescue and treat the hundreds of birds that were coated in “mystery goo” in the San Francisco Bay Area. The caring … Read more

Patient of the Week: American White Pelican

Not all our birds in care were part of the San Francisco Bay mystery goo response. Last month our Southern California center received an American White Pelican from the Los Angeles County Animal Control. It was found in a weakened state at La Mirada Park. This beautiful bird was very lethargic, not thermoregulating, and extremely … Read more

Patients of the week: Buffleheads

We’re seeing an increase of sea ducks – especially Buffleheads – in care this month. Nearly 25 of this species have come through our doors in the past few weeks. They are emaciated, suffering from stress and have foot abrasions. Many have crash-landed in areas around San Francisco Bay. The beautiful drakes have a striking … Read more