Landing in Oakland, taking off again at Point Reyes

Ashy Storm-Petrel eats mealworms before being released back to the wild. Photo by Isabel Luevano, International Bird Rescue

A wayward Ashy Storm-Petrel was rescued in Oakland this week and treated at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center. After 4 days of stabilization, she was released back into the wild at Drakes Bay in the Point Reyes area.

This species forages at night, and she may have flown off course into the Bay Area from the Farallon Islands. Ashy Storm-Petrels prey on small fish, young squid, and crustaceans.

Nearly 50% the world’s population of these rare birds breed on islands 30 miles off the San Francisco coast. The birds are listed as a species of concern by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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2 thoughts on “Landing in Oakland, taking off again at Point Reyes”

  1. Article doesn’t specify the nature of the “contamination” this bird suffered. Would have been interesting to know…

  2. What an adorable little tyke! I had never heard of this type Petrel before, but so glad you sent this article to me. Will do some more reading on these birds. Lucky for this bird to be found by Bird Rescue.
    Thanks for sharing.

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