New DAWN commercial hits the TV airwaves

A new DAWN television ad is hitting the airwaves this month. The commercial was filmed in May 2009 at the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center using IBRRC staff from San Pedro.

The ad touts the use of the popular dishing washing liquid in helping clean oil off birds and other wildlife. It’s beautifully done piece and hopefully the ad will stir folks help us with a purchase of DAWN.

The specially marked bottles of DAWN are on store shelves now and for every bottle purchased, DAWN will donate 50 cents to IBRRC and 50 cents to the Marine Mammal Center. You’ll need to “register” your bottle on DAWN’s website. They just want your bottle ID, your zip code and the store where you purchased the DAWN.

Ready to activate your donation? Go to Dawn Saves Wildlife

This campaign helps both wildlife groups with much needed funds. Its main focus, however, is to raise awareness of the problems marine wildlife face.

By the way, the song: “Wash Away” is by Joe Purdy off his album “Julie Blue” Listen here:

Here at IBRRC we’ve been using DAWN for three decades to safely clean birds and other wildlife of oil.

See ad also on the DAWN site:

14 thoughts on “New DAWN commercial hits the TV airwaves”

  1. The commercial is gorgeous! But the blogger link doesn't seem to work, and I'm not able to upload the commercial directly to Facebook … any suggestions?


  2. That's Katja for the nudge. We now have the YouTube video linked on Facebook, Twitter, our blog and regular website.

    Great volunteers make our job a little easier. Appreciate the help!

  3. If this video was truly made at the center, why does it say either "demonstration" or "simulation" in the lower left corner? (I can't remember which one it was). I'm not trying to ruin the party, I'd really like to know. Thanks!

  4. If the dawn commercial is really taking place at the center, why did they put "simulated demonstration" in the lower left corner? I'm not trying to ruin the party; I'm just curious. Thanks!

  5. We did film the commercial at our center but the three animals in the shot, the duckling the penguin and otter are all owned by other people. Basically what we do is pretend that they have oil on them. It was a mixture of some kind of easily waterproof paint and some jell to look like oil. It washed off without even using soap.

    The duckling was one of four that were used and we made sure that each bird was only on set for a very small amount of time. The otter is an asian small clawed otter that is an actor animal. As you saw in the shot it just sat there with its owner. The penguin was another long time actor that has been in many movies etc. It was very calm and used to being handled.

    Again, the simulation is that the oil was fake and the animals were not really washed. Just pretending to be because that is pretty close to what it looks like when we actually wash oiled animals. IBRRC has a policy to never oil a live animal for any reason and to only use captive, permitted animals in commercials etc.

    Hope this helps. – Jay Holcomb

  6. I was moved by that comemrcial dearly. In fact, is it possible I could volunteer at your research center to clean the animals? It tugged at my heart strings.

  7. I LOVE this commercial!!!! And, I buy Dawn because of it so the ad really works. Can anybody tell me what song they used and who sings it. It's great! 🙂

  8. A beautiful commercial! I will only buy Dawn from now on and look forward to entering the bottle code each time to activate $1.00 to go toward your center. Keep up the great work you do everyday to help these beautiful animals!

  9. A beautiful commercial! I will only buy Dawn from now on and look forward to entering the bottle code each time to activate $1.00 to go toward your center. Keep up the great work you do everyday to help these beautiful animals!

    Christine P.

  10. Yes, what a lovely and caring commercial. The singer has such a beautiful, comforting voice and the music is so soothing that it puts a smile on your face. 🙂 Thanks for doing a great job caring for the birds.
    serakat 🙂

  11. I am someone who has a sixth sense of disasters forthcoming. This happened with the horrifying 9/11, with several plane crashes, and now with this Gulf oil tragedy. I cry thinking about the outcome of this horrific and irresponsible act against nature. My somber mood is a grim reminder that this problem is worsening and there is no end in sight. I have always loved the commercial and hoped we would never need to buy Dawn for anything other than washing our dishes. Thanks for the beautiful and moving commercial that should inspire and educate people everywhere to try to help anyway we can. The commercial (whether it is fake oil or not on the birds)really gives people the true picture of what is happening to our environment. My sadness doesn't leave for years with this madnitude of disaster.

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