Coming soon: Dawn’s Wildlife Champions Campaign

Dawn and IBRRC are teaming up again to help raise awareness for wildlife rescue efforts through their national program called “Everyday Wildlife Champions.” Starting this summer, for each purchase of a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid registered online, Dawn will give $.50 towards IBRRC’s marine wildlife preservation efforts around the world. (Up to a total … Read more

Rockhopper penguin: Before and after oiling

During the recent Syros oil spill in Argentina, we received these adorable photos of Rockhopper Penguins. On the left is a clean penguin and on the right is the Rockhopper waiting patiently for its cleaning bath (below). Local rehabilitation teams organized by the joint efforts of IBRRC and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) … Read more

Washing birds of oil: Almost there

Note: This is Jay Holcomb’s latest update from inside the bird rehabilitation center in Cordelia: We currently have about 970 Live birds at the center and over 200 of them have made it to the pools and are reconditioning their feathers, eating and resting. By no means are they home free but they are 75% … Read more