A Tough Year For Birds

The numbers of birds affected by the Cosco Busan disaster and other factors continues to rise. “Every time we think we have a break, something starts up again,” said Jay Holcomb, Director of International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC). “The end of 2007 has been very hard on aquatic birds off the coast of Northern … Read more

2007 – Cosco Busan, San Francisco, CA

Dark days on San Francisco Bay More than a 1,000 oiled birds were treated at International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay-Delta center after the deadly Cosco Busan oil spill. A container ship’s collision with the San Francisco Bay Bridge on November 7, 2007 caused a large spill of 54,000 gallons of bunker fuel oil that … Read more

2006 – Tallinn, Estonia

Oil spill and icy weather in Gulf of Finland impacts thousands of rare Mute Swans and ducks International Bird Rescue (IBR) started off its 35 year anniversary by responding to an oil spill in Estonia which oiled hundreds, possibly thousands, of seabirds and swans. As co-managers of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Emergency Relief … Read more

2005 – Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

Ruptured PEMEX oil pipeline soaks wildlife in Gulf of Mexico A stubborn oil spill along the coast near Veracruz, Mexico affected hundreds of birds and animals. A total of 175 birds were captured by joint IBRRC/IFAW Emergency Response (ER) Team. The spill occurred on December 22, 2004. As aviaries were being constructed on the waters … Read more

2005 – Selendang Ayu – Alaska

Learning from Alaska Severe weather, remote location hamper work in worst spill since Exxon Valdez The search for oiled animals was called off in early January 2005 after most of 470,000 gallons of oil leaked from a grounded freighter into the waters off Unalaska Island. Members of the IBRRC response team were able to collect … Read more

2005 – Mystery Spill – Ventura, CA

Seabirds Affected by Oil Spill Along Southern California Coast More than 1,400 birds, mainly Western Grebes, came into our Los Angeles Wildlife Center after an oil slick first struck along the Ventura and Los Angeles County coastline on January 13, 2005. As late as April 2005, a couple dozen oil covered birds were still showing … Read more

2004 – Rocknes Spill – Norway

Norway emergency relief and rehabilitation report from Rocknes spill Field Report #13— Friday, February 26, 2004 The team has now fully de-mobilized from Norway. After the release of 11 Eider ducks last Friday another 11 birds were released on Saturday followed by four on Sunday. The last Mallard was then released on Monday leaving just … Read more

2002 – Prestige Spill – Spain

Spain prepares for long Prestige oil spill clean-up, more birds to be released Dozens of rehabilitated sea birds will be returned to the wild off the coast of Spain this week thanks to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Emergency Relief (ER) team. These latest releases cap a two-month wildlife rescue and rehabilitation effort … Read more

2002 – Auburn Spill – Auburn, CA

On the morning of September 16th 2002, Carol Frey of Auburn, California went to a local pond to feed the abandoned ducks and geese. Instead of running to greet her as they usually did, they were either trapped on a small island, or sinking, as if they were in quicksand. The entire pond was covered … Read more