The Release Files: Common Loon

This beautiful Common Loon was picked up from Seacliff State Beach in Aptos and brought to Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz County on March 4, 2017. She was found to be thin with a small wound where her beak comes together and some toe abrasions. We took radiographs (x-rays) to rule out hook ingestion … Read more

Success Stories: Snowy Egret #A09

One of the biggest rewards of working in wildlife rehabilitation is seeing treated birds released back to the wild. The one thing better is learning that these patients are now thriving back in nature. This holiday season at International Bird Rescue one particular bird brings us further joy. A Snowy Egret released in 2012 was … Read more

American White Pelican Out of Trouble

Great news! The American White Pelican reported in our July 26 blog post successfully recovered from his two leg fractures and was released Aug 22 in McNabney Marsh in Martinez, CA. When the cage was opened, he calmly walked out and took his time walking over to the water. We watched an interesting display of … Read more

The Release Files: Fare thee well, Great Blue!

An adult Great Blue Heron came to us from Native Animal Rescue in Santa Cruz after being found April 14 hanging from its right wing by fishing line. On arrival the bird had substantial skin damage and edema midway out the wingtip, and the bones felt possibly fractured under the swelling. We splinted and wrapped … Read more

Release Files: A Tale of Two Pelicans

The tale of two recent pelican patients gives you a peek in to International Bird Rescue’s rehabilitation program: A female Brown Pelican N33 was rescued in San Pedro, CA with a large neck abscess, likely caused by a fish hook. The infection wrapped around the back of her neck, digging deep into her neck muscles. … Read more

Patient of the Week: Red-throated Loon

This lucky loon recently made an unscheduled emergency landing on a Long Beach Airport runway. The Red-throated Loon (Gavia stellata) is now in care at our Los Angeles Center in San Pedro. The bird was found and captured at the busy airport on October 21, 2015. It was reported by airport workers to be dazed … Read more

The Release Files: Common Murres

Ten more healthy Common Murres returned home this week. The seabirds were among hundreds of beached murres that have been rescued along the Northern California coast. They were released on October 23rd at Fort Baker in Sausalito, CA. The hungry, exhausted murres – a diving seabird that looks a lot like a penguin – seem … Read more

The Release Files: Masked Booby

The wayward Masked Booby is back in the wild. It was released at White Point in San Pedro after about a week in care. The Booby was originally found in Newport, Oregon and then flown from Portland to Los Angeles after wildlife officials contacted our Southern California center. Masked Boobies are tropical birds and its … Read more