Up for a Wash: Oiled Mourning Dove nestlings

Photos by Kylie Clatterbuck Last Friday, International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles center received two nestling Mourning Doves (Zenaida macroura) from a worker at a local gas company. Their nest had been sprayed with a small amount of oil, and unfortunately they were contaminated. Center manager Julie Skoglund (pictured below) and staff veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Duerr washed … Read more

Rare Tern Colony Decimated: $10,000 Reward After 500+ Baby Birds Wash Up Dead In Long Beach

On June 28, 2006 reports of dead baby terns on the shores of Long Beach sent wildlife rescue professionals and veterinarians from the nearby International Bird Rescue to investigate. Read update: Tern for the better What they found was shocking and horrifying. An estimated 300-500 baby terns, some only a day old, were dead in … Read more