Bringing Yosemite’s Pelican Back to Life

After she was rescued from a highway tunnel by park rangers in Yosemite National Park, a wayward female Brown Pelican was delivered to International Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center on July 18. When she arrived at the center, we determined her gender and age by the length of her bill. She was an after-second-year … Read more

Gulf Spill Pelicans Spotted Nesting in Georgia

Last year International Bird Rescue spent 6 months helping to manage oiled bird rehabilitation efforts from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone saw the disturbing pictures of the heavily-oiled pelicans captured in Louisiana. Over 90% of those birds were rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Because the Gulf area … Read more

One Beautiful Bird’s Survival Represents Success for Numerous Bay Area Wildlife Organizations

If you have ever been close to a heron rookery you know that it is an extremely busy place, with squawking adults feeding equally loud and active chicks. The rookeries usually contain mixed species such as Snowy Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Great Egrets and Black-Crowned Night Herons. Some of these colonies can be found in urban … Read more

Pelicans in Peril

Breeding numbers are up, but Brown Pelicans still face challenges From Domoic Acid outbreaks to fishing line and tackle injuries to human cruelty, Brown and White Pelicans have overcome many obstacles in the last 200 years and now face addition conflicts with humans. Life has not been easy since the California Brown Pelican was put … Read more

American Trader Oil Spill Survivor: Pelican Found Alive 19 Years Later

Dear friends and supporters, We want to share with you some exciting news about a pelican that was spotted last month in Southern California. The Brown Pelican was one of many that International Bird Rescue (IBRRC) rehabilitated in 1990 during the American Trader oil spill in Huntington Beach, CA. This rare and invaluable band encounter … Read more

Golden Gate Bridge pelican returns to freedom

The brown pelican named “Gigi” that landed and halted traffic in August on the Golden Gate Bridge was released released back to the wild on Friday, September 12. The young bird was rescued and transferred to International Bird Rescue where it has been recuperating for the past several weeks. Watch: Brown Pelican captured on Golden … Read more

2002 – Auburn Spill – Auburn, CA

On the morning of September 16th 2002, Carol Frey of Auburn, California went to a local pond to feed the abandoned ducks and geese. Instead of running to greet her as they usually did, they were either trapped on a small island, or sinking, as if they were in quicksand. The entire pond was covered … Read more

Albatross Mania

Lost pair of Albatrosses creates a frenzy When our rehabilitation manager, Coleen Doucette was awakened at 3AM on March 3, 2001, little did she know what she was getting into. The call came from the Chevron refinery in Richmond. Two really big seagulls had come in on a barge and workers couldn’t shoo them off … Read more

2001 – Jessica – Galapagos Islands

Overview of the Galapagos Oil Spill The spill occurred on January 16, 2001 approximately 870 yards off San Cristobal Island, one of the Galapagos Islands. At least 22 oiled pelicans were returned to the wild. Over 100 animals were affected during the spill. Nearly 200,000 gallons of diesel and bunker crude oil spilled from Ecuadorean … Read more