A Laysan Albatross returns to sea

This Laysan Albatross was recently evaluated and released by International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles wildlife care center team. Photos by Paul Berry. “Big birds in big oceans, albatrosses lead big, sprawling lives across space and time, traveling to the limits of seemingly limitless seas,” Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Safina wrote in the 2002 classic Eye of … Read more

5 Minutes with “Winged Planet” Director John Downer

Barnacle Geese over Tantallon Castle, Scotland. Photo courtesy Discovery Channel.   With campaign season cacophony in full gear on the airwaves, we’re looking forward to a bit of wildlife respite this weekend with the Saturday premiere of Winged Planet, an innovative documentary on the lives of birds around the world. A co-production of the BBC … Read more

The Spirit of Wildlife Conservation is Universal

Hat tip to Yéssica Lopes, a journalist with Diário Popular, for sending us this wrap-up from the recent Latin-American Conference on Marine Wildlife Rehabilitation. Lopes and co-producer Roberto Zambonato interviewed leaders in the field, including Jay Holcomb, International Bird Rescue’s executive director emeritus.

Entanglement: Heerman’s Gull v. Discarded Fishing Line

Monofilament fishing line pollution poses a problem to myriad aquatic species. For birds, the injuries that can result aren’t limited to swallowed hooks: Fishing line entanglement can severely impact a bird’s ability to fly and feed, and deeply embedded entanglement can mean amputation if the bird is lucky enough to be taken into care. It’s … Read more